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Frenchy grew up in coastal Maine and saw cabbage only once a year in the form of New England boiled dinner, a dish consisting of cabbage, ham or corned beef, potatoes, and various vegetables boiled until soft, unrecognizable, and unpalatable. She had little interest in cooking for herself and could probably have burned water if left to her own devices.

Hunky grew up in western Pennsylvania coal and steel country, where cabbage is a way of life. As a child he was discouraged from being underfoot in the kitchen, and as an adult he once tried to roast a chicken at 150°.

Together they fight crime! ate at restaurants a lot until Frenchy was put on a low-sodium diet; suddenly cooking became a matter of health. As their palettes adapted to this diet (and our skills improved), it also became a matter of taste–a lot of pre-packaged food, seasoning mixes, and restaurant dishes were suddenly out.

Now they’re on a continuing mission to try new dishes that are interesting, able to be made in two-person portions, and flavorful without being sodium-loaded. The more memorable results will be recorded here for posterity, even the ones that end with a call to Papa John’s.

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