Just call me Yukon Cornelius

…or else Victor Fronkensteen. IT’S ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

This past Saturday I threw together some whole-wheat flour and some water as per the instructions at King Arthur Flour’s blog, set it on top of the fridge (the traditional place for things that need to be kept slightly warmer than ambient room temperature), and went on my merry way.

On Sunday I fed it (using whole wheat flour again rather than white, oops), feeling hopeful that it maybe had a bubble or two visible.

Tonight I got home to find it puffed up like a sponge, nearly to the top of the container. So exciting! I stirred it up and fed it, and now I’m checking it compulsively to see what it’s doing. Tomorrow I’ll start twice-daily feedings; sadly, I won’t be around on the weekend to try baking with it, but I’m really intrigued by Ed & Jean Wood’s sunflower bread recipe and want to try it soon.

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